A traditional 2D platform adventure, but also innovative, thanks to its multiplayer offers fun for a long, long time. These are the keys to the success of Runbow, a video game that was premiered long ago on Wii U and now lands on PC with all its charm intact.



When you talk about Runbow and your particular action you think, okay, yes, this promises; But it’s not until you get to the controls of this adventure of 2D platforms and, especially, you do it with your friends, that you discover the enormous quality that treasures. It is pure fun; A crazy video game that once tests you no longer want to stop playing. It was confirmed by fans of Wii U just over a year ago, and now it is the PC users who have the opportunity to have a great time with one of the most crazy and addictive proposals of the moment. Run, jump, fight … and look at the colors !, because their presence goes beyond the merely aesthetic. Almost they are the protagonists.


Constantly, every few seconds the color of the background changes and every time this happens, the platforms and objects of the same tone present in the scenery disappear. That’s why we must always have an eye on the evolutions of our character and the other on the color curtain that is going to bathe the stage. A very curious and striking playable mechanic that gets good play in the six main modes of play that shape Runbow, four are exclusively multiplayer, while the other two can be enjoyed both alone and in company. And although they are all different, they share the same control system.


Multiplayer Addiction

Running is the simplest of all, as it is a desperate race to reach the trophy. Arena offers more fun and substance, as the game is transformed as if by magic in a simplified beat’em up in which our task is to give grit without ton or are our rivals. King of the Hill harangues us to situate ourselves in a zone of the stage for the longest time possible, offering a few levels of pronounced fun. It may be that sometimes the action is so chaotic that it is difficult to locate even our character or, directly, discern what happens on the screen, but this is part of grace. It costs not to laugh when there are so many characters giving milk while dodging a sure death that always comes with a lot of color.



One of the great strengths of Runbow is that the video game feels, to a certain extent, as a party game . In solo you have a good time, because it is challenging, but it is when you get together with friends, either through the Internet or in the same team, that you really enjoy their frantic action. Not always in order to fight! There is also a cooperative to deal with very special game modes like Adventure, which consists of more than 140 levels that will test you in a thousand and one different ways. In the end it is always running, jumping and watching the color that predominates on the screen; But surprisingly how with this seemingly simple premise, the 13AM Games game manages to surprise you with increasingly crazy challenges.



Get surprised with increasingly crazy challenges

Flee from deadly traps, fight against enemies, deal with impossible abysses, run in haste … it’s a no-stop! In addition, with a marked arcade style, the video game takes into account the speed with which we overcome the challenges, rewarding us with various additional contents such as illustrations or new characters that in many cases come from other indie games like Shovel Knight or Shantae among others.



If these challenges do not seem enough, you also have access to the challenging Bowhemoth mode, which takes Runbow action to a level only suitable for the more experienced. It’s hard as a few! Challenges platformers with the style of the old school. In addition, as additional content aside, has created a new space adventure with a lot of levels with science fiction and more designs with which to customize the protagonists of the game. It would have been great to be included next to the main title, but taking into account that this is already well served with content, it is nothing serious either.

With a graphic style of the most particular where the bright colors stand out over simple objects and flat textures, this is a title that obviously does not draw attention in the graphic, but in a way, with that minimalist air, ends up liking. In the sound, although the melodies are not bad; Are lively and cane, you are missing something more variety. The same thing happens with sound effects that are sometimes too simple.



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